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About Well Being Trust

Well Being Trust is a national foundation dedicated to advancing a vision of a nation where everyone is well in mental, social and spiritual health.

Launched by Providence St. Joseph Health in 2016 as an independent 501(c)(3) public charity with an initial seed endowment of $100 million plus an additional $30 million to be invested in California from 2017 to 2019, Well Being Trust is now investing in approaches that have the potential to model the way forward. Well Being Trust was created to advance clinical, community and cultural change…to transform the health of the nation and improve well-being for everyone.

We recognize that this work cannot have the needed impact if it is driven by any one organization. It needs to be co-owned by all of us and informed by the wisdom of people, organizations, and communities. With partners and grantees, we are supporting and encouraging a powerful movement that benefits everyone.

2018 was momentous: We invested in innovative pilots that are working to integrate mental health care throughout the delivery system—partnering with organizations like Kaiser Permanente, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and Providence St. Joseph Health. And, once the evidence is built, we will raise up the successes, learn from the failures, and engage other organizations to adapt and innovate…we’ll convert our learning into comprehensive change packages with adaptive advising and replicable programs that can be scaled and spread.

2018 was momentous: We worked with leaders across the country—ReThink Health, Dr. Vivek Murthy, IP3, Community Initiatives, and scores of others—in the development of a shared agenda through the Well Being Legacy initiative. This community strategy—which is being advanced via a growing partnership of more than 50 local communities and national organizations—connects leaders across a multitude of sectors, creating complementary benefits for the built environment, for racial equity, for food justice, for improved child development—all of which will promote well-being for all.

2018 was momentous: We increased the impact of our policy and advocacy work to advance transformative policies. We engaged governmental structures at all levels by leveraging grantees, partners, and thought leaders—Bipartisan Policy Center, Hopelab, United States of Care, Trust for America’s Health, Kennedy Forum and others—and increased support for a well-being agenda. We increased the evidence- and advocacy-base for mental health parity and improving access to and standards for mental health treatment—to solve the deaths of despair and prevent future similar epidemics.

2018 was momentous: We advanced the national conversation that normalizes addressing mental health and substance misuse and supported enhanced social engagement with youth at the point of their lives where there is the greatest opportunity for impact. This work engages millions through social dialogue, media partnerships, and networks—and we supported youth as peer advocates to help them turn to one another.

In 2019, we plan to seize on this momentum, accelerate change, transcend silos and divisions, and ensure everyone can thrive.